The Church of the Epiphany in East Nashville has finally arrived in Pittsburgh. I’ll be at convention all day tomorrow. Pittsburgh Anglicans, give me a shout so we can meet. Awesome to see so many Anglicans in real life!

Preaching Psalm 13, Deut 6:4-9, and John 17:20-26 tonight. We’re going to confront hate with God’s eternal triune love, celebrate a baptism, and go out into the world to bravely reject hate and fear. Lord, have mercy.

Very excited to read this with a group of clergy people next month! 📚

I’ve spent the last year with an iPad Pro. It is a truly great laptop replacement for me. Desktop for work and gaming. iPad for reading and communicating.

The new Mac mini gives me hope for a proper Mac Pro. I do wonder, however, what a mini with an eGPU looks like for the simple games I play. eGPU supported under Windows? Upgradable?

I registered for my final semester at Vanderbilt today. Only months to go! Praise God!

“One time there was God and he was beautiful and sweet and kind.” - Rosemary Arnold, age 2

Greek-speaking friends: Would οὔπω ὁλοτελεῖς (oupó holoteleis) work for “not yet complete/whole”?

Nothing like fresh pumpkin seeds on a chilly fall day.