It’s crazy cool when the Holy Spirit takes a sermon in a direction you never expected. I had zero expectation that this week’s readings would yield a sermon on prayer! “I believe; help my unbelief!”

Officially rocking the bike minivan. Looking forward to greenway time with the kids! 👨‍👧‍👦

Unfortunately many organizations are driven by fear and power. Thus, there is little room for failure and learning — no room for true leadership.

In leadership, some full-faith action is often better than none. A failed action implemented and quickly adjusted is better than silent planning. You are called to lead, not be perfect.

Wife to Toddler: “Are you a little eavesdropper?” Toddler: “I’m not a cheese popper!”

Thanks to good filters in Feedly and staying off Twitter, I have no idea what was announced today. Super excited to be surprised when I catch up the iPhone X news after dinner.

If one preaches in an air conditioned, purpose built structure, to wealthy church folk can one rightly call oneself an “evangelist?”

The Feldschlößchen Urbock on special at Aldi is 💯. • Preiswerte deutsches Bier ist immer noch deutsches Bier… Lecker!

Public Service Announcement • This is not a test. • Deutsche Küche has arrived at Aldi! • 🇩🇪🍺🥨

Toddler prayers: “God, help me not be scared. Help me no sharks. Amen.” 🦈