Does Chocolately actually work for anyone? About 60% of the installs I do just fail. Not a Homebrew or Apt replacement so far as I can see.

“Believe” in who or what? That is the question.

But, it is pretty nice to have hardware that supports USB A devices without a dongle.

How in the world does a PC laptop lose 60% of its battery when powered off sitting in a laptop bag overnight? I can’t wait for my MacBook Pro to arrive!

Tonight’s Christmas album. 🎺🎷🎼🇲🇽

So, what’s a good, quiet mechanical keyboard for <$40? I’m getting the Laptop Pro for home, but want something inexpensive for office days.

Sarum Rite Collect for Purity

Deus, cui omne cor patet et omnis voluntas loquitur, et quem nullum latet secretum, purifica per infusionem Sancti Spiritus cogitationes cordis nostri, ut te perfecte diligere et digne laudare mereamur. Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum, Qui tecum vivit et regnat, in unitate ejusdem Spiritus Sancti, per omnia sæcula sæculorum. Amen.

I’m excited to preach on Malachi tomorrow at jail. Advent themes of God’s wrath and judgement come together with the realization that he’s adopting us as his daughters and sons.