The new Mac mini gives me hope for a proper Mac Pro. I do wonder, however, what a mini with an eGPU looks like for the simple games I play. eGPU supported under Windows? Upgradable?

I registered for my final semester at Vanderbilt today. Only months to go! Praise God!

“One time there was God and he was beautiful and sweet and kind.” - Rosemary Arnold, age 2

Greek-speaking friends: Would οὔπω ὁλοτελεῖς (oupó holoteleis) work for “not yet complete/whole”?

Nothing like fresh pumpkin seeds on a chilly fall day.

Ten Influential Books for Me

The below — in the order they were added to Goodreads — are books that have been influential to my worldview and theology. Lacking are Augsustine, Aquinas, Cranmer, Luther, Schmeeman, Schillibeeckx, etc. who I have up to now been read only in excerpts. Full primary works will be read when I finally graduate in May.

  • The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Howthorne)
  • And Then There Were None (Agatha Christi)
  • Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not (Scot McKnight)
  • Sherlock Holmes Series (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • Harry Potter Series (JK Rowling)
  • Inhabiting the Cruciform God (Michael J. Gorman)
  • The Deep Things of God (Fred Sanders)
  • Flesh of the Church, Flesh of Christ (JMR Tillard)
  • Jesus, Humanity, and the Trinity (Kathryn Tanner)
  • The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)

I saw this in Green Hills on my way to a lunch meeting. So. Many. Questions.

A great sin of the congregationalist church is seeing the local church as a business franchise. Losing sight of the sacramental reality of Christ’s Body made real in the Church is the root of much evil.

There’s some deeply poor theology in calling baptism Sunday “Yes to Jesus Sunday.” Baptism is God’s gracious work, not our own.

“Christ was the word who spake it, he took the bread and brake it, and as the word did make it, So I receive, believe, and take it.” — HRH Queen Elizabeth I