Someone donated a ‘72 United Methodist BoD to the shelter I’m at. Listen, almost no one wanted this in ‘72, much less 2021! 😂

Is there anyone on earth who actually wants an e-mail summary of Postman requests sent to their inbox? Why is this even a thing?

Book Recommends: Book on evangelism/community building for a men’s study group. 📚

It doesn’t look like much, but it took us all day to get done.

Bates Nursery is so nice! Not sure how I’ve lived in Nashville this long without visiting. Excited to get some planting done tomorrow.

So, Anglican chaplains out there: How are you explaining to folk what Anglican is? — Episcopalian is basically unknown and “Church of England” just confuses. Very tempted to just say Methodist, which isn’t untrue, really.

I would not join this new party, but I very much support any efforts that might pave the way for the US to break the GOP/DNC duopoly.

When I start my own enterprise the word “resource” will be banned when talking about human-beings created in the image and likeness of God.

It doesn’t look like much, but this shed took two days. Built yesterday with my dad and brother and then all waterproofed and sealed up today.

So, I find myself doing a lot of ministry around folk who are smoking. Anything I can take? Second-hand smoke makes me feel sick! 🚬🤢

The greatest joys of learning German, Dutch, and French were not the increased economic utility, but the cultures I got a glimpse into. To speak these languages fluently one must in some part enter the German/Dutch/French mind and culture. Such a joy!

Though it is super convenient — and a huge privilege — natively speaking a dominant global trade language, I do kind of wish French or Spanish had won out. Sad seeing your native tongue spoken and used without culture and joy, as a mere tool.

Are ESL programs in India universally teaching that it’s colloquial or friendly to shorten someone’s name? Near universally Indian colleagues immediately and unprompted shorten my name to “Mike.” Super not cool.

Sports people: I just got into “big” sports with Nashville SC. Other than going to a bar, is there a free/inexpensive way to stream games on ESPN? I really don’t want to miss Sunday’s game! ⚽️

There’s a Macintosh 512k and PowerMac 8800 for sale on Craig’s List. Lord, give me strength! I do not need more old computers!

Psalm 41 really hit me this morning. Today it’s not for me, but I feel like it speaks to someone in my circle, so I’m sharing. — Psalm 41 KJV

Any of my mutuals done the MNPD (Nashville police) volunteer chaplain thing? Is it a worthwhile program? Is it a pathway to prevent violence? Checking in before I call for my application.

Since we’re all about adding emoji to represent all families, where’s my option for more than two kids? Statistically, my family of five has greater numbers than others that’ve achieved representation. I’m out here ensuring the growth of humanity, give me an emoji!

Post-Boomer Families

So, it’s not a matter of making any new arguments so much as it is just saying as proudly, without apology: it’s okay to want babies and want to raise them yourself, and to want society to make that goal achievable for the average American.

Even in a “conservative” denomination, it sometimes feels awkward or unwanted to say the above. How odd that me and my wife feel the need to defind or sometimes remain silent about our super boring and logical decision to raise a family in the way its been done most successfully for a very long time. — Five Questions With Family Studies: Helen Andrews Talks Boomers - Institute for Family Studies

Very not cool with Plex tracking. Locally-hosted files that I control is the whole reason I use Plex! Zero reason for them to be snooping!