Homemade ice cream. 🍦 Summer has officially begun!

I forgot how hot Alabama is. Amazing how big a difference two hours south makes!

Forever blessed and thankful I get to hangout with these guys each and every day.

Tower has a right-click option to copy the branch name to the clipboard. 💚

I turned on autocorrect for “ok” on my wife’s phone. I do not regret this.

At Arrington Vineyards and Rosemary has declared this her cookie rock. 😂

Official Graduation pictures have arrived. 🎓

Salary alone is not sufficient to support developers. You must also provide them the tools they need: networking, VPN, workstation, needed access, etc. Development requires tools. If developers don’t have them, they’ll go to a place that does.

I can’t believe it’s May and the heat had to come on! ❄️ ⛄️

Six years ago, I promised Bishop McKendree I’d remain faithful to the faith he established in Tennessee. I entered reunion with the English Church, but I survived VDS and remain faithful to the Good News of salvation through Christ for all.

So, it looks like I’ll be dropping Python for Scala here in the next month or so. What IDEs, tools, sites, etc. do y’all Scala folk recommend? #scala

I maybe went a little overboard on this month’s coffee order. ☕️

Mad props to Kafkian. It saved my bacon today after realizing the official Python client doesn’t support the topic record naming strategy for subjects. 🐍

How am I just now learning that Jonathan Edwards owned slaves? Seems like something that should have come up.

Scala is a contender, but it seems possibly too difficult for our very junior staff. Is Kotlin too new? Is Groovy a dying language?

Real talk. Kafka seems to want to force you on to the JVM get to the full API. What’s the least bad JVM language? Specifically, I don’t want Java dependency management or crazy verbose syntax.