Aldi’s Winking Owl cabernet drinks better than a three-dollar wine should. 🍷

I’m not a huge fan of “Mary, Did you Know,” but when my almost 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with it because she loves Mary, I’ll let it slide. Excited to see the Queen of Heaven finally begin to overshadow Disney “princesses” in my house.

It’s avro.schema.parse in Python 2 but avro.schema.Parse in Python 3! Why?!?!?!?

Does Chocolately actually work for anyone? About 60% of the installs I do just fail. Not a Homebrew or Apt replacement so far as I can see.

“Believe” in who or what? That is the question.

But, it is pretty nice to have hardware that supports USB A devices without a dongle.

How in the world does a PC laptop lose 60% of its battery when powered off sitting in a laptop bag overnight? I can’t wait for my MacBook Pro to arrive!