Y’all, this book is really good. Only at chapter 4 and I’ve already learned so much about personal finance.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi www.audible.com/pd

I’m excited for the traditional language BCP2019. Ideally, I’d love to see an evolution that retains an elevated and poetic language, while continuing to be understandable. Something between Elizabethan English and vulgar English. — Elevated Language — The Sacramentalists

We have been in quarantine for 42 days! 🦠😷🦠

So, as some things start to open back up, I wonder how society will take those who must still stay apart? My wife is very pregnant and we’ll soon have a fragile infant in our home. Leaving quarantine doesn’t seem to be an option for me for a while.

I went to CVS to get some prescriptions wearing the mask my mom made us. It’s made from the same material as my children’s baptism gowns, so I like to think it has some extra layers of protection.

Not to brag, but I made a pretty cool castle. 🏰

Day 30 in quarantine and the kids have collected snails as pets. 🐌

This is precisely what I needed to hear this morning. He is Risen!

„Ich bin immer bei euch, jeden Tag, bis zum Ende der Welt.“ — Matthäus 28,20

Prayer for Those who Stand Helpless

The prayer at the fourth station of the cross moved me this afternoon. It is a prayer we all need in these dark times of plague and helplessness.

”Lord Jesus Christ, whose Blessed Mother watched your passion and death in deep sorrow, comfort, we pray you, all those who must stand helpless while those they love suffer. Hear the cry of all victims of terror and abuse, give hope and solace to those who are bereaved. Grant that we may use such strength as we have to comfort, support, and protect all who grieve or are in need, for your tender mercies’ sake. Amen.”

NeuBible is still my goto Bible app on my phone. Still the best, or are there others I should be checking out?

No surprise, but a Bible or Prayer Book App were not on the list.

My local brewery is delivering beer to my house this afternoon. Why in the world wasn’t this legal in the first place?

Based on observed quarantine Eucharistic practice, I’m really not sure how TEC is going to square full communion with whatever is left of the UMC.

Y’all, this is very much my jam right now. 🙏 📖

Installing SimCity on my Palm IIIc while on a conference call, as one does. 🤓

Other than some walks around the neighborhood, we haven’t left our house for 16 days. Thankful we’ve got food and I can do my job from home, but boy would it be nice to get out for a bit!

“Glory to you, Lord God of our fathers; you are worthy of praise; glory to you.”

The Benedictis es, Domine is such a blessing in these dark times. God reigns and alone is worthy of glory and praise. He alone brings final healing to our sickness.

℣. The Angel of the LORD announced unto Mary, ℟. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit.

“Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.”