A very happy birthday to my little buddy. It’s only been two years, but I can’t imagine life without you, Oliver!

I’m not sure how this works, but if beer and a cookie are a “positive pattern”, I’ll take it!

Tonight we did the Phos hilaron instead of the Magnificat with our abridged evening prayer. Rosemary was upset we missed Mary and requested that Alexa play “Mary did you Know?” I’m a proud dad!

Random thought: When Evangelicals hear O Come to the Altar what are they picturing? Like there’s no table/altar up front. Truly curious what this song would refer to in that context. I’ve always envisioned an approach to the Communion table, but that doesn’t work there.

Does anyone happen to have the contact information for Fr. Brian Darnell at Core-Civic?

Starting a little German-language service is not what I pictured myself doing after divinity school, but I’m very thankful God has brought St. Mang into my life.

I do wonder, if a UMC congregation chose to affiliate with the ACNA would that be kosher? Is language specifically “Methodist body” and, if so, would that not include Anglicanism? (Considering Wesley died a faithful(ish) Anglican priest.)

I’m sad for the UMC — especially the majority orthodox that will still have to start a new church —, but I am pleased they have found a gracious solution.

How long can a two-year-old listen to Wheels on the Bus? We’re going on an hour and he’s still singing along.

A little bit of research to be done, but I think I’m in a good place to make the transition to desktop Linux. Local iCloud backup is a missing piece. Maybe a small Windows VM on a NAS?

Y’all, I just want a headless iMac with a video card slot, user serviceable RAM, and two user serviceable IO slots. Why, @Apple, is this not something that exists!?!

🚨I’ve got an open senior developer position on my team. C#, Python, Docker Swarm, GitLab CI, & AWS. DM for details. 🚨 No recruiters at this time, please.

The “O antiphons” start today for the English and tomorrow for everyone else. Advent is getting real as we move closer to the Incarnation. Prepare your hearts! God has united himself to us and his return is nigh!

O come, O come Emmanuel. #stillnotchristmas #advent #emmanual

I’m doing annual certification training for the Williamson County sheriff’s office on 1/4 from 8-12. If you want to do work inside WC jails, you have to do this. Let me know if you want to tag along! 👮‍♀️⛪️👮‍♂️