Does anyone know the current status of the ACNA “electronic” hymnal? I haven’t heard anything new about it since the June ‘17 LCWTF report. #anglican #acna

I bought an inexpensive mechanical keyboard, Velocifire TKLO1, for my office days. For $40 it isn’t too bad. Quiet enough for office use. 👨‍💻

There is something especially perverse about patriotic Christmas themes.

It looks like my last semester at VDS is going to be super “fun.” Lord, have mercy upon me!

Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit, but I’m finding Ezekiel to be a wonderful, grace-filled book this go around.

Anyone have experience using Scoop instead of Chocolately? Haven’t had great luck with the latter, wonder if Scoop is any better.

Reading through Ezekiel this stood out to me. > “Son of man, stand upon your feet, and I will speak with you.”

Even in the Old Testament, ours is a God who comes down to our level so as to lift us up to him.