Set-up and ready to do some live user testing for Ministry Grid this afternoon. #buildwhatmatters

Thursday the State of Tennessee will order some humans to kill another human with poison. This should give us all cause for a pause of reflection. Should the government have authority to kill in retribution or punishment? Is this justice?

No matter what the sign says, these peaches will not taste like doughnuts!

Seriously Archbishops’ Commission on Intercommunion, you spelled it Intercommunion To-day?!? Why the hyphen? — Side note, VDS library search, DuckDuckGo, and Google all massively failed with the hyphen. Amazon of all places found the correct book.

This is precisely how I feel delving into this topic! Intercommunion in my context must be addressed, but I feel I’m on the verge of destruction of the charity that already exists. — Eucharistie im ökumenischen Kontext Gerhard Karl Schäfer

Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:5-12 Jail Sermon • “he has spoken to us by his son” LISTEN! “he left nothing outside his control” REMEMBER! “we do not yet see everything” LIVE! “he is not ashamed to call them brothers” BROTHERS!

Somewhere out there is a young adult or youth wanting to join a small parish and take over their social media. Lord, send me that person! 🙏

I hand wrote tonight’s sermon outline. I must say, it was a pretty good process. We’ll see how well it supports delivery here in a few hours.

Sometimes I fantasize about a serious, orthodox, Christian services and publishing house run by Anglicans, Lutherans, and Presbyterians. Would be so cool!

May They All Be One endnote 4, on Anglican usage of “the Catholic Church.”

Any little-c catholics (Anglican, Lutheran, Roman, Orthodox, etc.) out there with experiences of ecumenical Eucharist services? I’m seeking charitable practices for when co-celebration cannot happen or one is unable to commune. ⛪️🍞🍷

It was a beautiful afternoon for a bike ride over the Cumberland.

I’m excited to celebrate 150 years of Christian ministry with St. James AME this morning. Join us at 10:00! ⛪️

“Nobis Canon unus in Scripta relatus a Deo, Duo Testamenta, Tria Symbola, Quatuor Priora Concilia, Quinque saecula, Patrumque per ea series, trecentos ante Constantinum annos, ducentos a Constantino, regulam nobis Religionis figunt.” - Bishop Lancelot Andrewes

How might I discover if the ACNA accepts the Lima agreement and other ecumenical agreements endorsed by the instruments of the Anglican Communion before realignment?

Come on now! I just picked the book up this morning!