In the Year of our Lord 2021 wireless printing should not be this difficult! We have the technology!

Excited to proclaim the Bread of Life come down from heaven here in a few minutes! 🍞

Scanning in Rosemary’s school journal. What a world we live in!

Oliver: “Give me a napkin.” Me: Shaking my head. “What’s the magic word?” Oliver: Waving his arms. “Magic, magic, give me a napkin.” Me: 🤦‍♂️

AT&T decided to remove my Unifi router from DMZ+ last night. So, yeah, if your network suddenly stops working, start looking there instead of DNS, etc., etc.

Are there any places where one can purchased reasonably-priced used communion-ware? After my — God willing — ordination to the priesthood, I’d like to get at least a chalice and paten for St. Mang and my other ministries.

Update: Thanks for the advice! Clergy shirt was the correct choice.

Clergy friends: If you were meeting a Roman priest for lunch on a Saturday to talk about homeless ministry and some common folk you’re ministering to, would you wear your clergy shirt?

Deo Volente, The Right Revered Martyn Minns, Interim Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh will ordain Michael Wayne Arnold to the Sacred Order of Priesthood on the Eighth Saturday after Pentecost, July 24th at 2p.

She’s smiling because she’s regenerate and born anew of Water and of the Holy Ghost and made Christ’s own forever. 💦🕊

I’ve never been a big watcher of the Euros, but it sure does seem there are a lot of own goals this year. Is this normal? ⚽️ 🥅

My sweet, little Virginia gets baptized today. So happy to guide her into the ark of Christ’s Holy Church! 💦 🕊

Interesting observation: I put a paperback prayer book on the free bookshelf at the shelter every week. It never stays more than a few days. — Y’all, people are hungry for a deeper relationship with God through prayer. 🙏

So, we had a fight today at the shelter. It ended fine, but made me think. What would be best to learn to resolve fights? Boxing? Something else? — I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just need to end a fight or restrain someone. 🥊⛪️

I am thankful to serve a God who listens to the cries of his people. He frees his enslaved children time and time again. But, not only that, he opens the door of freedom to the captors, too. In Christ all are made free from bondage to sin and death!

First “normal” Stammtisch since February 2020, so you know I’m going to start the day off “auf Deutsch.” — “Der Herr sei mit euch!”

So, I just discovered these little prayer books from the CoE. If anyone in the ACNA is listening, I’d love such a thing for the BCP 2019! (Especially in the $3 price range so folk can keep them.)

Anyone have any ideas on this? Both hydrangeas were planted at the same time. One is flowering and one is not. 🤷‍♂️

Had so much fun taking my little buddy to the Lane Motor Museum. It was like seeing his matchbox cars come to life!