At IKEA in Atlanta. I don’t even want to know the story behind this sign!

Lee Greenwood’s got some unexpected soul in “Ain’t No Trick” 🎶


These DNC debates are awful. We need blue labor or some sort of Christian social democratic party.

I got a TRS-80 Model 100 off Craigslist a while back. Pretty fun little computer. Writing BASIC takes me back to the fourth grade for sure!

I love the ‘94 Book of Occasional Services on exorcism. Basically, “Dude, ask yo’ bishop. This is some real stuff!”

I bought “Against Calvinism” six years ago before seminary and Anglicanism. Three chapters in, it’s amazing how Protestant it all sounds to me. Reformed Catholic English “Arminianism” of Bishop L. Andrewes is a much better place for me.

Baptist must necessarily reject the validity of Calvin, Luther, Augustine, and many other immanent theologians’ baptism. Until Baptist theologians find a mediating view that affirms the validity of Catholic baptism without rejecting credo baptism there is no way forward.

Chapter 2 of Olson’s “Against Calvinism” struggles at times with why Calvinist Baptist are excluded from the “Reformed” label. I think it’s clear. The Baptist rejection of Catholic baptism is the stumbling block.

I know it’s unorthodox and I do love the BCP morning office, but I always find myself drawn back to the morning litany in Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book. 🙏