I’m not getting all the hate towards the NFL Draft. Like, I’m not a sportsball guy, but I do love tourism tax money building my greenways and parks.

Anyone know of a good Python interop language? Python’s fine for scripting, but I hate writing modules. Any way to write modules in C#, Java, etc. that can be used within Python?

For me, this Wink outage is the final straw. Loved Wink while it worked, but the writing is on the wall. SmartThings Hub is on the mail. status.winkapp.com

Come children, let nightmare clown teach you the colors…

Notre Dame, for me, has been a visible indicator of the state of Christianity in the West. I knew we had lost it, but seeing a cathedral burn was hard. I pray God reawakens Europe’s heart for him! Our Lady of Paris, ora pro nobis!

I will note that Ælfric’s views of Jews is very “period appropriate.” It’s sad to see how that bit of the Gospel light was so easily missed by even great men like him.

Reading the sermons of Ælfric of Eynsham is a little mind blowing. Like, he could preach his sermon for Palm Sunday today and it would completely fit. Over a thousand years later!

So, “fun” VDS lecture. Hauerwas, Lindbeck, Milllbank and their schools of theology (narrative, post-liberalism, radical orthodoxy) are white, racist reactions to liberation theology. — Two more lectures, y’all. Two more.

I just submitted my last essay of my MDiv. Man, this feels good! Three lectures and an exam and I go back to getting about my Father’s business!

Last essay of my MDiv and I’m still looking up how to cite something in the SBL Handbook. 🤦‍♀️

Question: If there were a German language worship service in Nashville, would you be interested?

Just finished by last mid-term. One essay (Friday) and a final (4 weeks) from being done! PRAISE THE LORD!

I know it’s all technically weeds, but I think they’re pretty. I love Tennessee in the spring.

Seriously, people, don’t leave commented out code in your commits. Version control is your history.

How long this “game” will continue to be fun, I do not know. We will enjoy it, however, while it lasts.

Now that I’m working from home 3-4 days a week, Daddy Status needed a more permanent place on my desk.

Not to bash anyone’s churchmanship, but I am getting a little worried about now Anglican evangelicals who seem only drawn by aesthetics. Liturgy and ritual are beautiful, but there is theology there, too. ⛪️