Pairing 2 Maccabees 7 with Matthew’s crucifixion leads for a real depressing morning. — Gotta say, though, chasing 2 Mac with “We praise thee, O Lord…” was pretty impactful.

I started taking one of my children out for breakfast each week. It’s been great. Dads, do this! I’ve had some really great conversations with my kids. So fun to get to focus on just one child without distraction. 👨

Your annual Advent early-warning. Advent is not pre-Christmas. It is a time to reflect on the final things and Christ’s return.

Listening to folks talk about React Native development, makes me super happy with my little .Net world.

Men: It is okay to occasionally leave your family to be with friends and just have fun. You are not a bad husband/father for doing this. Rather, you are filling your need for male fellowship which energizes you to be a better spouse, friend, and father.

Just got super-boosted. Praying we’ll have a COVID and flu-free 2022. 💉

Ready to watch Nashville SC bring home win #5 in a row with my soccer buddy. ⚽️

I’m having a hard time even processing the idea of the Queen not being with us. She’s been such a steady, Christian witness for my entire life. I will miss her gospel proclamation each Christmas. I will miss her prayerful presence on the world stage.

Praying for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. — She has served her people and, more importantly, her God well. 🙏

I had to go with the “standard” choice here. “God” just isn’t specific enough for me. I trust in God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit made manifest in the person of Jesus Christ. The deist god of the founders and the “neutral” god of American politics is unknown to me.

I’m so over articles like this in The Tennessean! It’s disgusting. Hundreds of words about “reproductive rights”, protesting, and organization. Not a mention of the little lives extinguished. Lord, have mercy on us all!

Ready for a men’s ministry tailgate. Join us at 5:30p!

Y’all! The ending of John has me pumped up today. Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again!

Ready to watch Nashville SC get 3 at home with my #1 soccer buddy. ⚽️

I’ve been reading a lot on evangelism and social enterprises/charity. — What recommendations do y’all have? ⛪️ 🎣

Just so y’all know. If I ever respond to a social media post, text, or whatever, and say that I am praying, I have literally prayed for the request before I post that. 🙏

If you’ve read books like Toxic Charity, When Helping Hurts, or Practicing the King’s Economy and want to know what’s next, please contact me. I’m forming a team to bring social enterprise & evangelism to Nashville. Big thinkers and entrepreneurs wanted!

Be pruned. Let God cut back that which is dead, that which is growing astray. Eat this meal, stand in his light, and marvel at the new growth his Holy Spirit will pour into your life.…

My two year old daughter just told me I had to put the toilet seat down. The indoctrination starts young!