Follow-up review: In the month and a half since I finished Atomic Habits I’ve successfully started and maintained a new morning routine of prayer, reading, and writing. James’ gradual approach to establishing new habits does work.

“We reject the pretensions of nationalism to usurp our highest loyalties. National identity has no bearing on the debts of love we owe other sons and daughters of God. …all human beings are our neighbors regardless of citizenship status.”

Against the New Nationalism

“… as Americans we owe each other a distinct allegiance and must put each other first.”

This, for me is problematic coming from Christians. Our allegiance is to the Body made real in Baptism and Communion. Christ’s Body transcends all time and place.

Against the Dead Consensus

I asked for Encarta 98 — deluxe, no less — for Christmas and got it. I could spend hours in Encarta learning and reading about anything. • I Miss MS Encarta

The progressive left is not a friend to Christianity. The American Solidarity Party gives me hope for another way forward for politically active believers.

Y’all, corporate Agile ™ will kill your soul. If you want agility and developer happiness, be agile. If you want to reduce risk, have predictability, and detailed monitoring, just stick with whatever you were doing before. You can’t be agile.

At the new J.O.B. I consciously elected to keep work communications off my phone. Though I’ve never been asked to install anything, I’m interested by the unspoken social/cultural pressures that continually temp me to do so.

I just finished the summer issue of Plough Quarterly. It is a timely issue for the present moment when poverty and racism fuel by Mammon-obsessed capitalism explode in our country. I pray God sends leaders to guide us to a Christian society.

Is it just me or does every Kafka producer/consumer — no matter the language — seem like a giant hack by the time one is done writing it?

Rosemary’s fresh, new interpretation of the bologna sandwich.