Listen folk, if someone’s name is Michael you should not automatically shorten it to “Mike.”

I just want to say how thankful I am for the City of Nashville, Metro Public Works, NES, and others. Through snow, ice, tornadoes, and bombs you’ve kept our infrastructure up and running. Thanks!

So, what’s the general consensus on amount of appropriate fade in a clergy shirt? — Back in my office jobs days, I’d wear shirts until the elbow wore out. I’m assuming it’s a good bit before that.

I’ve had this very same problem with my Series 3. I’ve had this problem since watchOS 6. In the end, Apple Watch updates weren’t compelling enough for me so I switched to a Withings watch when my Series 3 started dying. — My watchOS 7.3 adventure - All this

February 2020 Michael would not believe that he’d be trimming his beard every Sunday so that his mask would fit better.

So, I did the Story Graph thing. I’m liking what I see thus far. Much quicker to use than Goodreads.

Vanderbilt Divinity made me lean towards a “no” on women’s ordination. Interaction on the topic in the ACNA makes me lean toward “yes.” — In the end, we need this division to cease. North American Anglicanism cannot afford another schism in my lifetime.

Open question: I made a working version of an app for LectServe last week. Seems lame to just have text which you can already get at the website. What features are y’all looking for in an ACNA lectionary app?

Why do Windows users run all apps maximized?!?! Y’all, it’s called Windows. The point is to have many windows on your screen so you can multitask. 🤓

Also, if you ask me a question in French, my answer will be “Ja oui!” I can’t stop myself! This is why I’ll never be a polyglot.

“Je parle nur ein petit peu français.” — This, my friends, is why I’ll never be able to speak French. The German just keeps on getting mixed in!

Very pleased with my custom keyboard. Cherry MX Clears for alphanumeric and Browns on the rest. Was nervous about the green accents, but I really like them.

The wife and I watched The Social Dilemma last night. No doubt it’s a skewed viewpoint, but, still, it’s caused me to rethink my engagement with Facebook. I was back in to do some church stuff, but I think I’m going to disengage again.

Listen, y’all, private platforms have private rules. If “Big Social” ban Christians, then my posts will still exist on and Own your platform. Own your content.

President Trump should attend Biden’s inauguration. This is a critical part of how a constitutional, representative republic functions.