So, it looks like I’ll be dropping Python for Scala here in the next month or so. What IDEs, tools, sites, etc. do y’all Scala folk recommend? #scala

I maybe went a little overboard on this month’s coffee order. ☕️

Mad props to Kafkian. It saved my bacon today after realizing the official Python client doesn’t support the topic record naming strategy for subjects. 🐍

How am I just now learning that Jonathan Edwards owned slaves? Seems like something that should have come up.

Scala is a contender, but it seems possibly too difficult for our very junior staff. Is Kotlin too new? Is Groovy a dying language?

Real talk. Kafka seems to want to force you on to the JVM get to the full API. What’s the least bad JVM language? Specifically, I don’t want Java dependency management or crazy verbose syntax.

So done! VDS Assignment list is empty and will forever remain so!

God willing, I just submitted my last academic assignment to VDS. Unless I royally borked this paper, I’m officially done with divinity school!