Curious: Anyone have recommendations for a book geared towards Western Christians (Anglicans, Lutherans, Romans) that faithfully explains the nuances of Eastern Orthodox theology?

“Through the ongoing, dynamic relationship people have with God’s Holy Spirit, salvation and the Christian life should be thought of in more dynamic, relational ways, rather than static, irresistible ways that consider salvation a mere legal transaction and not as important as renewed fellowship with God.” (Don Thorsen, Calvin vs. Wesley)

I decided to give Readwise Reader a try. Pricey, but I’ve been curiousious for a while. Thus far, it’s promising to have everything in one place on my Onyx Boox. We shall seee after I have a few reading sessions.

So, who has read-it-later services they recommend? — Requirements are a Firefox plug-in, iOS app, & Android app.

Looks like I’m in the market for a new read-it-later service. I don’t appreciate being forced into celebrating “Pride.” — What would the reactions be if a Jewish, Islamic, or Christian organization changed their app icon to celebrate something?

A very wicked answer; for though to let loose the bridle to lusts, while our opinions are against such things, is bad; yet, to sin, and plead a toleration so to do, is worse. The Pilgrim’s Progress

I love the idea of a common place notebook, but I just at can’t figure out the mechanics of it. I don’t read at a table and I can’t imagine pulling out my notebook in bed and attempting to jot down a quote without it being a pain.

Regarding the ACNA Drama of Late

  1. Men, in general, are more likely to directly communicate concerns/issues with their bishop than women. — I.e., men will send an e-mail or make a phone call instead of writing a Tumblr post.
  2. Female clergy, just by existing, are already living into being an open statement/rebellion against some authorities. Therefore, they are already going to be more comfortable openly conflicting with authority.
  3. Clergy who are in academic positions, should not judge the action (or inaction) of clergy on the ground in parishes and ministry. I.e., maybe I’m too busy doing a hospital visit or writing a sermon on my lunch break to get involved with something that’s — rightfully — my bishop’s concern.

In sum, I ain’t got time for public virtue signaling. I share my concerns with my bishop. He, and many of the bishops I’ve met, are Godly men doing their best. It ain’t my job to try and be in the college of bishops when I don’t have all the information.

Currently reading: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan 📚 — New books arriving Monday, so I’m powering through. 1/2 way through part two. Still some good bits, but hidden in a slough of tedious reading.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Going out on a limb here, but do I know anyone who has/knows of affordable housing in Nashville? — I’ve got two Christians with full time jobs living on the streets. Can’t find vacancy at around $850 anywhere!

Sealed with Christ’s body in their baptism, they are sealed to us, and we are one body.

The people we are serving on our streets are very members of our own church, very members of the eternal Kingdom of God, and it is our duty to love them, to support them, and to be with them.

Truly, if they are not at His table, we are not celebrating His holy meal.

The Roots & Vision of CoA

The UMC allowing deacons to preside at the Holy Table is just nuts. Far outside the apostolic witness. — Then again, I guess they’ve already dropped any concern for the tradition, so YOLO.

Deutsche: Eine Frage. Ich hab’s bemerkt auf YouTube dass Leute mehr und mehr ins Publikum “Du” statt “Sie” benutzen. Ist das in die letzte Jahrzehnte verändert?

Currently reading: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan 📚 — Started strong, but I’m half way and really struggling now. Starting to get repetitive. Going to power through, though.