I still can’t imagine a scenario where I’d play music like this during the Divine Service, but it’s a fun way to keep up my German while worshipping God.

Jesus is Lord. — God is sovereign over all creation and all time. He’s already written the victory over evil. Resting in God’s peace and living within His will is our task. Trusting in God’s faithfulness and love, knowing it’s not up to us, is indeed Good News!

Inside baseball here, but I’m a little surprised C4SO is going to elect a successor to +Hunter. I guess I just always assumed C4SO was an early effort at church planting that would eventually fade away as our regional(ish) dioceses got up and running.

Because I know all y’all come to me for your MLS hot takes. My observation of the NSC/Miami game.

It would appear that Miami thinks their team is named “Messi.” If I were a player on that team, I’d be a little annoyed. ⚽️

Every time I’m discouraged about church politics in the ACNA I check in on TEC and the UMC.

Let us not forget where we’ve been and what’s been accomplished. Semper reformanda, listen to the Spirit, etc., etc.

But, instead of debating women’s ordination we could be debating the Nicene Creed or polyamory. In the heat of debate, let us not forget!

It was a weird COVID-tide delivery. I can’t believe Virginia’s been here for four years! Our family wouldn’t be complete without her. Happy Birthday little Gooseberry! 💚

Curious: Anyone have recommendations for a book geared towards Western Christians (Anglicans, Lutherans, Romans) that faithfully explains the nuances of Eastern Orthodox theology?

“Through the ongoing, dynamic relationship people have with God’s Holy Spirit, salvation and the Christian life should be thought of in more dynamic, relational ways, rather than static, irresistible ways that consider salvation a mere legal transaction and not as important as renewed fellowship with God.” (Don Thorsen, Calvin vs. Wesley)

I decided to give Readwise Reader a try. Pricey, but I’ve been curiousious for a while. Thus far, it’s promising to have everything in one place on my Onyx Boox. We shall seee after I have a few reading sessions.

So, who has read-it-later services they recommend? — Requirements are a Firefox plug-in, iOS app, & Android app.

Looks like I’m in the market for a new read-it-later service. I don’t appreciate being forced into celebrating “Pride.” — What would the reactions be if a Jewish, Islamic, or Christian organization changed their app icon to celebrate something?

A very wicked answer; for though to let loose the bridle to lusts, while our opinions are against such things, is bad; yet, to sin, and plead a toleration so to do, is worse. The Pilgrim’s Progress

I love the idea of a common place notebook, but I just at can’t figure out the mechanics of it. I don’t read at a table and I can’t imagine pulling out my notebook in bed and attempting to jot down a quote without it being a pain.