Y’all, Tennessee being ahead of France and Germany in vaccines was not on my 2021 bingo card.

Y’all, I grew up in Alabama. I can confirm from the white side that, at least in my white Mormon circles, this type crap was going on in hushed tones outside of school. It pains me the stuff I heard as a kid and didn’t speak up about. I knew it was wrong. overcast.fm

I wonder, too, other than building a special garage in the back alley, how do city folk who park on the street charge their vehicles?

With electric cars accelerating towards the mainstream, I wonder how long it’ll be before a family can travel from Tennessee through Alabama without much thought about finding a place to charge the car enroute?

I really dislike time changes. Please, Congress, make this the last one for Tennessee and a few others states. 🕰

🚨⛪️🚨 *Free* Chaplain in Nashville!

🚨⛪️🚨 Final announcement before I go Methodist and do something crazy and solo: Free — as in I don’t need any money — ordained & Vanderbilt trained chaplain and clergy person available for almost any ministry or context in Nashville. Please share if you know a ministry that might have interest! I know there are ministries in need, I’ve just been unsuccessful at connecting with them as yet.

I’m enjoying the BCP 1662 International Edition. I can’t say I notice the language updates (them to those trips me up sometimes), but the typesetting and size are an improvement over my trusty Cambridge edition. Fitting state prayers are an added bonus.

Listen folk, if someone’s name is Michael you should not automatically shorten it to “Mike.”

I just want to say how thankful I am for the City of Nashville, Metro Public Works, NES, and others. Through snow, ice, tornadoes, and bombs you’ve kept our infrastructure up and running. Thanks!

So, what’s the general consensus on amount of appropriate fade in a clergy shirt? — Back in my office jobs days, I’d wear shirts until the elbow wore out. I’m assuming it’s a good bit before that.

I’ve had this very same problem with my Series 3. I’ve had this problem since watchOS 6. In the end, Apple Watch updates weren’t compelling enough for me so I switched to a Withings watch when my Series 3 started dying. — My watchOS 7.3 adventure - All this

February 2020 Michael would not believe that he’d be trimming his beard every Sunday so that his mask would fit better.

So, I did the Story Graph thing. I’m liking what I see thus far. Much quicker to use than Goodreads.

Vanderbilt Divinity made me lean towards a “no” on women’s ordination. Interaction on the topic in the ACNA makes me lean toward “yes.” — In the end, we need this division to cease. North American Anglicanism cannot afford another schism in my lifetime.

Open question: I made a working version of an app for LectServe last week. Seems lame to just have text which you can already get at the website. What features are y’all looking for in an ACNA lectionary app?

Why do Windows users run all apps maximized?!?! Y’all, it’s called Windows. The point is to have many windows on your screen so you can multitask. 🤓

Also, if you ask me a question in French, my answer will be “Ja oui!” I can’t stop myself! This is why I’ll never be a polyglot.