Also, unless I’ve missed someone, we’ve got four diocese represented just within Nashville alone!

I’m surprised to find that there are no Joint Synod or REC parishes in Middle Tennessee.

I sold my tickets for the 🌈 game, but the Juneteenth match is my favorite. If only every game could begin with a hymn! — 🎶 God of our weary years, God of our silent tears. 🎵

More Matter Mini Review: The Nanoleaf Thread with Matter bulbs are not ready for prime time on Apple Home. — I’m not sure if the issue is with the bulbs or HomeKit, but bulbs continually forget their color settings and change to odd colors or slightly off-hue.

Matter & Thread Mini Review: ➕As responsive as Zigbee, no hubs, and full HomeKit integration. ➖Took two tries to get it working. Mysterious errors.

If you’re technical & an early adopter, go for it. Otherwise, give it a year.

Anyone know anything about insurance for churches & non-profits? Given liability, directors & officers, and umbrella as options I’m assuming it’s best to take all three? — Just seems real pricey.

Networking folk: Would you be concerned with a topography that went router -> switch -> switch -> computer or router -> switch -> access point? 🖥️ 🤓

I’m so over this crap! I just want to take my kids to a soccer game and have a good time. MLS needs to drop the social and political theme nights. I just want to watch a game! ⚽️

Currently reading: Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis 📚— Very different than I expected. Suspenseful and well-written. Half way through and it’s hard to put down.