Me and my bike buddy on our way yesterday to watch Nashville cream Montreal. ⚽️ 🚲

The little girl that made me a daddy turns seven today. Hard to believe! I love her so much and can’t imagine life without her.

Finished reading: On Getting Out of Bed by Alan Noble 📚 — An eye-opening account of what mental illness is like and a great testimony to the goodness of God’s creation.

Y’all, seriously. eBikes are awesome. I’ve been a greenway cyclist for ages, but have been hesitant to do city chores because I’m slow off the line and crawl up hills. (I’ve got arthritis.) eBike makes that all go away. The entire city is flat and I can gently throttle off the line before I start peddling. Love it! Just road with my daughter to pick up some groceries and had a blast. 🚴‍♂️🚲

A big infrastructure need I see in Nashville is a safe, low-stress North to South and East to West route through downtown. Crossing four-lane roads full of tourists in SUVs is not great. — Give bikes a few dedicated crossing and a button to press to give us some dedicated time to cross. Low investment, huge impact.

I had an amazing time cycling to the game with my little bud. E-bikes change the game. They flatten the city. It was like cycling in Amsterdam, except I was still in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. — The technology is here. Let’s build the infrastructure to support it. Every two-lane road in Nashville with a speed limit under forty should lose a lane to make room for bikes and pedestrians.

Dear Ticketmaster, What is this hot garbage? I am not going to a concert!

First Nashville SC game of the season. So ready to be back! And, I get to ride my new bike there, too. ⚽️ 🚴 🏰

As we’re going through the adoption process, I’ve found that people speaking of “adopting” or “fostering” animals just rubs me in the wrong way.

Started listening to my Lent playlist a few hours early. Very open to some great additions. I’m especially interested in some accustic arrangements of hymns & some gospel.…

Just a few days away! I can’t wait to be back in the Castle! ⚽️

I’m convinced: the hardest part of ministry is asking for help.

I’m not sure what else to say. We knew it was coming, but the reality of what the CoE has done to the Communion is difficult to process. St. Charles did not lay down his life for his descendants to be so easily swayed by the gods of power and popularity.