Dear Progressives, Your political rhetoric and strategy is contributing to populist movements like Trump and Johnson. Please consider advice from Blue Labor and the American Solidarity Party. For the sake of queen, country, and the republic you have to reclaim Xians & labour.

Happy Birthday to my amazing, beautiful, smart, patient, and kind wife! I love you! 💚

Management. Seriously, how did I do it for years? Such a horrible way to live!

Why is Spain different from California? —> Catholic Christianity, Community, Monarchy, etc.

Woot! Going to the LifeCycle Conference at St. James MBC tomorrow. Excited to see where my ministry and the Church can intersect with those in and leaving our jail system.

I haven’t really advertised this much, but I do consulting on the side. I’m especially interested in helping non-profits, churches, and small businesses. — Arnold Technology Consulting

Anyone out there deploying Confluent’s Kafka platform to Docker Swarm?