Those who say that God no-longer does miracles, need to step outside. The Spirit moves in our streets and the miracles of the New Creation break in daily.

Anyone have a read-it-later service they’d recommend? Pocket is getting bad at parsing many articles. Requirement is that it’s got an Android app. I mostly read off-line on my Onyx Boox. (Hence why Pocket not downloaded entire articles is a big problem for me.)

Candy, cider, and $1 Costumes starting at 5p. Mass at 7:30p. First Wesleyan Church at 611 Shelby Ave. All are welcome!

This isn’t the only reason we home school. But it’s a big one.

This is actually not too far off from what it actually looks like when I write a sermon.

Nashville: If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to help the poor, this is it. Set aside one Saturday a month & you can make a direct impact on someone’s life & help end poverty in our city. Learn more here:…

I might need a separate feed for my DALL-E 3 generated images. Not sure why I find it so fun, but I do. — Enjoy this image of spaghetti nacho pizza on the deck of an early 1900s ocean liner.

Was a beautiful day to get some work done with a few brothers in Christ. We were able to pay a man $50 for his honest work. It’s great to see Christ our Anchor start to take root. Glory be to God!

Started on the agenda for @christouranchor next board meeting. I’m excited for all the work that’s coming and though I’m tried, the Lord strengthens me.

If another person shows up on Wednesday needing to work, I won’t have anyone to go with them. — Please consider volunteering one Saturday a month.…

Huntsville FC game with the little brother. ⚽️

It is precisely at this point that I regret not making myself walk yesterday. Now I’ve got 57 minutes to go instead of being done.

Every time I have a morning meeting at a coffee shop I’m shocked at how many people get coffee to-go. So expensive! Are they aware one can make quality coffee at home for pennies?!?!?! ☕️

Take heart my brothers & sisters in Christ! Though we sometimes feel it in deeply secular and progressive Nashville, we are not alone. I was invigorated by this week’s clergy conference. Christ’s church stands firm on the teachings of the apostles. — From womb to tomb “God created man in his own image […] male and female he created them.” God saves the nations in the once offered sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way to eternal life. — Against abortion, destruction of the body, and the idols of the self, sexual pleasure, and the love and service of money we can stand boldly. In our little corner of the Church, the gates of hell have indeed not prevailed. Take heart and continue forth in the work Christ has set before you. We are not alone and the Spirit goes with us!

I’m ready for the diocesan clergy retreat and pray God uses it to revitalize and prepare me for the hard months of ministry ahead as we grow Christ our Anchor in East Nashville.