My absolute favorite subject at our homeschool co-op is cooking. I love “reviewing” our children’s work. 👨‍🍳

There is no greater joy as a priest than seeing God do a powerful work in the life of a parishioner. — God has prepared a feast of joy and happiness for his laborers. It is to our own detriment if we chose to sit in our busyness. In the fields of His harvest there is great joy!

Anyone a member of Forward in Faith NA? I’d love to know more, but on face value this seems like something to join and support.

PSA: Children are not a burden, but rather a joy. There is more to life than productivity. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your time together. There is more to life than work. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ❄️

The ACNA should have put a hold on WO at our foundation. I fear this is an issue that will further destroy our communion. — For or against, I think we can all agree it was the issue that kicked off the fall of TEC. We should tread lightly.

I wish USPS had a “seriously no rush, stay safe” option. It’s just a Bible I bought with some Christmas money. No rush. It can wait until after the winter storm.

Bible Translation I’d Patron if I become Rich: The King Charles Translation: 1611 Authorized Bible given the IVP BCP 1662 update. 1. Update to follow modern Bible formatting & punctuation. 2. Correct known AV translation issues. 3. Extremely conservative change of words only that have changed meanings since 1611. 4. Footnote system to explain Hebrew/Greek turns of phrase translated word-for-word in AV and to define “archaic” English words/phrases. 5. Undecided, but worth exploring: Switching the Psalms to follow the Cloverdale.

We’ve been saved for a purpose. Remember your baptism and glorify Him who washes us clean in His blood freely given for sinners.

Remember Your Baptism

We shall see how it preached tomorrow, but I’m getting myself fired up writing about the baptism of Jesus. We serve a mighty king!

What a mess. — This whole thing could be avoided by standing firm on a Christian sexual ethic, discipling people into the faith, and not looking the other way at sin. I bless people — i.e. sinners — all the time. But never would I bless a gang for what’s good in their collective. Individual members? Yes. Pray God’s grace and mercy to overcome sin and to magnify what is good. Bless the gang? Heck no! —

Finished reading: Lord Sunday by Garth Nix 📚 — I must say. Not the ending I’d expected or would have hoped for. But, at least, after nearly twenty years I know how it all ended.

Saw #2 in the series sitting on my daughter’s shelf and couldn’t remember how the series ended. I looked it up and realized I never finished the series! The final books were released after college. So, after nearly 20 years, I’m finishing the series. Superior Saturday (The Keys to the Kingdom #6) by Garth Nix 📚

My favorite Christmas tradition: Sitting alone downstairs praying the morning office & waiting for the children to wake up.

A few hours early, but I’ve got my favorite Christmas album on as we get ready for church.

Five lessons in on Biblingo. Thus far I’m really enjoying it!

I’m really feeling for my faithful Roman brothers and sisters. Excepting the sudden death of the Pope and his quick replacement by an orthodox bishop, I just don’t see a way out of this for them. — I pray the Eastern Church is already discussing ways to provide faithful Romans with a safe harbor.