I’m so tired of having things spoiled. I’m muting “leak” and “leaks” so I can keep some excitement in my life.

Anyone in Anglican Internet know where you can get PDFs of CoE House of Bishops statements? I’ve found a few, but it seems like something that should be in one place somewhere. Having trouble finding the below, for example.

My kingdom for a Bible site that exports selections without verse number and footnotes…

I’m preaching Mark 7 and Isaiah 29 tomorrow in jail. They’re going to get some Lutheran law & gospel with a good dose of Methodist heart religion and some sacramental theology to boot. Man, I love being Anglican!

I very much agree with Gruber. Apollo is a great app. I never used Reddit before Apollo. It’s still jarring to me when I see the real Reddit on occasion. Apollo makes Reddit friendly and usable. Daring Fireball: Apollo

Asked my wife why all her old DVDs were the 4:3 ratio instead of original release. She said, “I didn’t think widescreen would stick.” 😆

A good Bordeaux is a great way to start my final semester off. That and about 30 PDFs on Anglican ecumenism.