Every time I do open enrollment I’m more radicalized against how the US does health care. — I know no system is perfect, but there are surely other systems we could agree on with less downsides.

Ecobee feature request: Setting to add a display temperature offset. — I’m pretty sure if the thermostat said it was 72 instead of 68, my family wouldn’t complain.

I must say, I wish our coaching staff would dress up a bit. Let’s not play into American stereotypes.

Yeah… Let’s not make “It’s Called Soccer” our thing. — That said, USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸 ⚽️

Is anyone running their full website on Micro.blog? I’m seriously considering it for my upcoming mission church. — As long as I can figure out how to customize the landing page, I think it’d be the simplest way to post simple blog updates and get a sermon podcast going.

As folk move away from the bird, Micro.blog is becoming such an awesome place. I realize how nice it is to have no reposting, no likes, no pressure. I love the limited integration with the Fediverse. I love bird-like things filtered into this lovely place.

Zimmerman! So proud. Great game. Excited for the next round. ⚽️

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m liking our aggressive stance against Iran. ⚽️

I didn’t even need to open this to know it was a bad idea.

Try as I might, I always seem to find myself in this situation by December. Need to wrap up books in progress so I can dive into new reading in January!

I still can’t believe I’m watching a Nashville player in the World Cup!

So excited that Oliver is old enough for these now. I can’t wait for him to open it!

I can’t exactly but a finger on it, but ever since I’ve been a Christian secular “Christmas” makes me depressed in a way secular “Easter” doesn’t. - Maybe it’s the fact that Yule is so hard to escape. Decorations, music, parties are more intense than some eggs and bunnies.

Observation: Most of my Twitter was RSS feeds I was too lazy to follow. Fixed that this morning.

Exciting news! I’ve earned “piggy points!” 🐖

This Darrel Brooks trial is wild. So sad to see how incapable he is of remorse. He has nosympathy towards others and can only think about himself. Jail is the best place for him to wait for God’s judgement. youtu.be/lJ9U28ODE…

Judgement, death, hell, and heaven - These last things are not to be feared by those in Christ. In him we have the hope that evil will be judged, the weak will be made whole, and the whole creation will again shine. - O Come, O come Emmanuel! #advent

Christ the King 👑 and then Advent 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ - Against the claims of the November election, Jesus reigns. Contra the exploitation & consumerism of the “holidays”, I await my king’s judgement against evil and his New Creation.