I’ll be switching to the new Eero with HomeKit once it’s announced. Been using Unfi for the last few years, but it’s gotten bad. Had to downgrade firmware today to correct a DHCP issue.

So, it seems eGPUs on the Mac mini aren’t awful. (Especially for a casual gamer like myself.) I’m just annoyed Apple doesn’t make a “prosumer” tower. What I want is a head-less iMac with user-accessible HD, RAM, and GPU.

So don’t know what to do about a new computer now. What I need is a Mac Pro Mini that costs ~3-4k with a monitor. With the Mac Pro announced today, I think I’m going to have to get a Mac mini plus a PC for gaming. :-(

I’m actually surprised they didn’t release an API for custom watch faces. Maybe next year. #wwdc

Recipe sites have far too much narration and fluff. We hardboiled some eggs in our Instantpot and it was amazing. Here’s the recipe — and nothing else. The eggs peel so easily!

The fact that something like Monodraw exists in the world makes me very happy. My documentation and comments are about to get cranked up to 11!

Using the file system as a communications protocol between services is a pretty bad idea.