You know what I haven’t done since Friday at 4 o’clock? Worked or been contacted by work. It truly doesn’t have to be crazy at work.

Though I’m not a fan of the name — I’d like to at least get to keep Advent as a Christian religious season — I’m going to give the Advent of Code a try this year. My solutions will be here on GitHub.

It’s been two long, late nights, but I’ve got ~7,000 words engaging ecumenical Eucharist services from an Anglican perspective. ~300 words more of a conclusion will have to wait until tomorrow. So nice to see months of work almost done!

“My family never owned slaves.” — “Slavery was long before anyone alive was born.” • This might be true, but your grandma lived in an America where these brands and products were common place.

May God bless you and your family as we close the year and approach the feast of Christ our King and his Advent. 🦃

I’m loving Hug for 95% of my µ-service needs, but that 5% not covered in the very light docs are moving me towards Flask. That automated, built-in documentation though…