New to Racism?

Am I imagining things or did most white folk really think racism didn’t exist and wasn’t impacting our black brothers and sisters? — Y’all really have to “educate” yourselves on racism? Seemed pretty obvious to me. Like, I’m glad people are looking into it and engaged, but I just assumed everyone knew and was ignoring the problem. 🤷‍♀️

Though not perfect, this is the type of platform I would expect from a Christian political party. Why have Christians allowed ourselves to accept anything less? We deserve better than what the GOP and DNC offer us. — Platform - American Solidarity Party

Y’all, if you have to use Facebook to manage a page, this Firefox add-on is a Godsend. It blocks the newsfeed so you don’t see any of the garbage!

This is the first cross I ever purchased. For a post-Mormon, it was a pretty big deal. Hangs in my library to this day. 🎨

I painted this a while back as part of a date kit with Jennifer. 🎨

This icon reminds me of the full humanity of Christ inherited from his mother. The Theotokos suffers along side us and points us to the salvation found only in her son. 🎨

I bought this nativity over a decade ago. I still love it. Displayed all year in my library. 🎨

I was incredibly happy to see how many people were wearing masks when I got groceries today. Two weeks ago (when I went out last) I’d say 2/3 of folk in my Aldi had them on. Today, only saw two people and everyone was giving them side-eye. 😷

Public service announcement: A powered Ethernet cable will degrade signal in a coax cable.

Is it just me, or does Life Together seem to end abruptly? Great read, but I was surprised by how it just kind of stopped.