“Ökumenische Gemeinde Sankt Mang” ➡️➡️➡️ Ja oder Nein? (Für eine Deutschsprachige Gemeinde in East Nashville)

Smith & Lentz Vienna Lager makes me very happy inside! 🍺

Not to brag, but St. Octopus has invited me to join the Illuminati.

Also, “white” Christians: the GOP, the Constituion, and politics are not the answer. The blood of Christ alone is the answer. The healing community of the Church is the only cure for racism, hate, hurting, and violence. Go forth and make disciples!

Y’all, we have a hate, racism, mental health, and community problem in “white” America. We must address it. Please, let’s tightly restrict and regulate access to guns until we get this sorted.

Join us at Eastland Park today until noon. We’re meeting our neighbors. Pray God sends the people he has prepared our way!