Regarding the ACNA Drama of Late

  1. Men, in general, are more likely to directly communicate concerns/issues with their bishop than women. — I.e., men will send an e-mail or make a phone call instead of writing a Tumblr post.
  2. Female clergy, just by existing, are already living into being an open statement/rebellion against some authorities. Therefore, they are already going to be more comfortable openly conflicting with authority.
  3. Clergy who are in academic positions, should not judge the action (or inaction) of clergy on the ground in parishes and ministry. I.e., maybe I’m too busy doing a hospital visit or writing a sermon on my lunch break to get involved with something that’s — rightfully — my bishop’s concern.

In sum, I ain’t got time for public virtue signaling. I share my concerns with my bishop. He, and many of the bishops I’ve met, are Godly men doing their best. It ain’t my job to try and be in the college of bishops when I don’t have all the information.