Hope in Eye of the “Christmas” Storm

In the midst of an anxious world building towards a consumeristic feast of sentimentality that cannot be achieved and will only disappoint, I’m thankful to rest in Advent. No performances for elves on shelves. No stress at making myself or the world around me into a Hallmark movie. In Advent, I stand before a God who knows more about me than one can see from a shelf and still loves me the same. I stand before a God who will come whether it snows or not. I rejoice knowing that outside of my works, my mood, my decorations (or lack thereof), my baptism is sufficient. Christ will come again despite our best efforts. Justice will reign. Wrongs will be righted. I am declared righteous in his precious blood. God is not a feeling, a sentiment, or something to be earned; God is reality.

In the hustle and bustle of a world that must work to make “Christmas” happen, I sit in Advent hope with a God who is patiently preparing me for the kingdom that already is and will someday be. In the eye of the secular Christmas storm, I hopefully wait with my God in Advent.