A Decade's Progress

“There’s only one month left in the decade. What have you accomplished?”

  • Received Christ’s Free & Unmerited Offering of Salvation
  • Left the Mormon Church
  • Adopted as Christ’s own Forever in the Sacrament of Baptism
  • Bought my first (and only) House.
  • Started Divinity School at NTS
  • Met the Love of my Life
  • Left Full-time Development for Management
  • Started Divinity School at VDS
  • Married the Love of my Life
  • Left the UMC for the ACNA
  • Remodeled my House
  • Became the Father of Rosemary
  • Launched Lectserve
  • Dover Deeper into Jail Chaplaincy
  • Joined an East Nashville Church Plant
  • Became the Father of Oliver
  • Left Full-time Management for Development
  • Graduated from VDS (M.Div.)
  • Started St. Mang